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  • "Snowmobiled right to the door and had a terrific home made lunch, fresh hot coffee. Great service. Groomed trail right to the door is the best. Don’t miss this stop on the B trail or by car on horseshoe valley road. Fresh food · Convenient location · Health food"

    Craig M.

  • "Love, love, love Nicholyn. Used to live in Craighurst and great to come back and see how they've grown. Lovely goodies, delicious coffees, heavenly soaps and fresh spinach!!! Wow the most tender and tastey I have ever had. Lovely helpful friendly staff too. Well worth the visit. YUM!!"

    Margaret W.

  • "Love this market! Stumbled upon it accidentally when out for a drive with my mom. Delicious locally grown/raised foods and healthy. Wonderful place for moms and dads who make their own baby food as well."

    Danica Elyse

  • "I have been buying my beef and chicken here for 2 years now and never even think of going back to my old butcher. Forget the grocery stores as well , you will never get this kind of product or service from those places. They have gone out of their way to provide us products after hours and service is top notch , Look forward every week stopping in on my way to our boat in Midland and having great meals bought from them. My number 1 place !!! "

    Mike M.

  • "I started shopping here last year and never turned back. The meat is amazing. Goes much further I find and tastes like it's suppose to. And to add to that already huge benefit, the staff is always so nice. And I certainly appreciate all of the community work done. "

    Lillian Dickey

  • "First visit this past weekend with the family. Kid friendly with little shopping carts let the kids be involved in choosing food. Great selection. The meats we have eaten so far have been amazing (fav: jalapeño chicken sausage!) Thank you so much for offering food I can be happy to give my family! :) See you again soon!!"

    Sherri Keates

  • "Our farm fresh turkey was delicious this Christmas. I loved the fact that we actually supported a local business instead of just picking one up at the grocery store. Ordering and picking it up was a breeze. We will be back again next year, as well as our normal trips out to the farm for fresh produce, local meats (yummy Elk burgers), and as silly as it sounds, my favorite thing in the whole store, that fresh salsa. I love that stuff!"

    Jeff Clarke

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