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25-28lb Whole Frozen Turkey


Itís no surprise Turkey makes the Holiday #1 Favourite Food List. But todayís Turkey is available all year round. So Roast It, Deep Fry or BBQ your holiday tradition anytime of the year. Turkey is naturally low-fat, loaded with nutrients, economical and most importantly Simply delicious!

That sentiment can conjure up a lot of stress for those in charge of preparing and hosting this loved holiday dinner, but that really shouldnít be the case. Itís so easy to cook the perfect Turkey with just a little know-how and a little planning.

First things first, you have to start with the proper Turkey. And you wonít find that anywhere except than Hayterís Farm. Our Turkeys are meticulously raised and cared for; from poult to fully grown birds they are free to roam in a healthy, spacious environment.

Turkeys sizes can vary, we do our best to pick a turkey as close to your desired order as possible.


whole turkey (neck is detached and included in the turkey, along with giblets)

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Provider: Hayter's Farm

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