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Personal watermelons can be used interchangeably with other varieties of watermelon. While they are ideal for simply slicing and eating fresh, their obvious benefit is their compact size, allowing for unique and creative ways to display the fruits. Once the flesh is removed, the halved melons are the prefect serving size for individual bowls. They can hold cold soup, salads, ice cream, sorbet or even cocktails. The flesh is most often eaten raw, but may also be grilled or seared in a hot pan. The rind can also be pickled. Complimentary flavors include, arugula, balsamic vinegar, dried coconut, toasted pecans and citrus fruits such as lime and orange. Balance the sweetness of the watermelon in salads with feta cheese or herbs such as mint and basil. Uncut Personal watermelons will keep refrigerated for up to two weeks after being harvested.

Provider: Nicholyn Farms

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