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Jewel yams are medium to large in size and are ovate and cylindrical in shape with tapered ends. The rough skin showcases a brown-rose hue and is often speckled with darker spots and faint lines. It is also covered in small, root hairs and shallow eyes. The flesh is a vibrant orange and is firm, dense, and moist. When cooked, Jewel yams retain their bright orange-yellow hue and offer a moist, starchy, and fluffy texture. Its flavour is sweet with a subtle earthiness and nuances of chestnuts.

Jewel yams are best suited for cooked applications such as baking, roasting, steaming, and mashing and are used in both sweet and savoury preparations. Jewel yams can be baked or roasted and served as is or with complementary ingredients. They can also be sliced into halves or chunks and then steamed and mashed or pureed to make soups, pie fillings, gnocchi, custards, and sauces. Cubed or sliced Jewel yams can also be added to breakfast hash, risottos or used as a stuffing for hand pies such as empanadas. Sliced into sticks or rounds, Jewel yams can be baked to make fries. Complimentary flavours include bell pepper, shallots, lime, cilantro, sage, apple, bacon, poultry, butter, Greek yogurt, honey, maple syrup, cumin, thyme, chili pepper, pecans, feta, and parmesan cheese. When storing, refrigeration should be avoided as it causes the yam to spoil faster. Jewel yams will keep up to four weeks when stored in a dark, dry and cool location.

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