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This dark green squash is acorn-shaped, hence its name. The golden-orange flesh offers a mildly sweet flavor and a somewhat dry texture. Usually about five to eight inches long and four to five inches across, the hardy rind has deep, characteristic ridges with a splash of yellow-gold, considered a sign of maturity.

Acorn squash are a hard-skinned, Winter variety. They may be peeled, but are more often cooked with their skin-on. Peel and dice, or cut into slices along the natural ribs; toss with oils, spices or herbs and bake or roast. Serve with or without the skin. Cooked squash may be pureed and added to soups, stews, risotto, cakes or other baked goods. Stuff and bake halves with meats, cheese, grains or other vegetables. Acorn squash will keep at room temperature for many weeks.

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