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K2 Milling

k2MILLING is an Ontario fokused, artisanal flour mill that operates as a kontinuation of the HAYHOE familyís 129 year legacy (1891-2020) in the milling industry in Ontario. k2MILLINGís mk2 mill was developed in-house. It is not a stone mill, hammer mill or roller mill. It is a kold mill. [It is not patented, but is protected by the knights of the mill]. Itís unique design retains the flavour in the flour. Every other manner of milling sheds flavour. When the dust settles, all that is left is flavour. That is why we buy our food. Welkome to the flour with flavour, the flour mill of choice in ONTARIO. We also produce our own energy on site . Yes, the fuel sometimes komes from plants [of kourse].

K2 Milling Products

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