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Bell's Edge Farm

Bell’s Edge Farm started as a market garden in Harriston, Ontario in 2013. Through the course of four years of farming, we quickly found our niche. Our ability to use our naturally grown garlic in unique products led us to where we are now. Today, in partnership with the Alliston Creamery, we take local, naturally grown ingredients from our farm and other partner farms, and create unmatched gourmet butters. Our customers and lovers of our butters deserve to know what’s in their food. We keep it simple and we keep it natural! Our products are NOT spreads and contain no soy, canola or margarine. Our butters have absolutely zero artificial ingredients, flavours or preservatives. Thanks in part to our collaborators and partners, we continue to grow and will be bringing exciting new local flavours of butter to Ontario over the course of the next year. Thanks for taking the journey with us!

Our butter is produced in partnership with the Alliston Creamery and and we’re proud partners in bringing you top quality, unique Ontario butter.

9492 Wellington Rd 6
Harriston, Ontario, N0G 1Z0

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